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Check back often for new specials


We can get most brands for less than you would pay at a big office store

We can order almost any part for your system including Laptop screens, batteries, and power cords.

Time is of the essence when a hard drive crashes - once it happens, shut the system off and leave it off - until you bring it to us.  Every time the system runs, there is a greater chance of more data corruption.

Most data recovery operations are not for the amateur - our professional partners have a sealed laboratory which is of the utmost importance when dealing with sensitive data.

Data Recovery

Big D Technology  Solutions, Inc.  can help you with recovering your data/pictures from a crashed hard drive.  It is not a question of IF your hard drive will crash - its WHEN.  Usually this happens at the worst possible time.  We can:

We do our best to offer a 2-3 day turnaround with recovery done the same day.  However, in extreme cases, it may be necessary to send the device to one of our partners - and then we will keep you updated on the process.  

Your data is safe with us - we will do our best to get your treasured data, pictures, files off the bad drive.



Helpful Hints

If possible, we will always backup your data/pictures before doing any work.